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Appointment/Cancellation/No Show Policy: We encourage you to be on time for your scheduled appointment.  If circumstances cause you to be greater than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment.  Our doctors have scheduled appointment times set aside especially for you, so we appreciate your help and a courtesy call if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment.  Please note that our office requires a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid a $50 cancellation fee for established patients & $100 cancellation fee for initial visits.

Co-pay Policy: If your insurance requires a co-pay, it is expected to be paid at the time of your visit.  If you are unable to present payment, we reserve the right to reschedule you.

Referrals: Please note that it is fully your responsibility to understand your insurance plan. If you require a referral you must present one at the time of your visit. As determined by your insurance carrier, you cannot be seen without a referral.  You are welcome to sign a waiver indicating you are accepting financial responsibility should your claim be unpaid; however, we reserve the right to reschedule you should you not wish to sign.

Prescription/Results Policy: Our physicians and medical team spend time writing each prescription you may be in need of during you scheduled appointment. We make an effort to give you a year supply of your medications. Therefore, we do not refill, make any calls to pharmacies, or complete forms for prescription refills between office visits. We ask that you please make sure you leave with all of the prescriptions you may need.  Otherwise, we ask that you call and make an appointment to come in and obtain any additional prescriptions.  Similarly, any testing and/or study results are reviewed at a scheduled office visit.  Phone consultations are not permitted in our practice.

Form Completion:  All forms are only completed at a scheduled office visit.

After Hours Physician Pages:  We understand that emergencies may occur outside of regular business hours, which may require the attention of your physician.  Our doctors are available for emergencies only.  Should you page the doctor after hours for a non-emergent matter, such as a routine prescription refill or appointment request that may be handled during office hours, we reserve the right to impose a fee of $50.00 per occurrence. 


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